Hey folks we want to encourage all you ice festers and climbers to support your local gear shop this weekend, and we’re talking about the one and only, IME!  They will have a ton of gear
in stock and can special order just about anything!

IME has become a legend, and the number one outdoor shop for
serious hikers, climbers and skiers in Northern New England.  Store
owner and renown ice & mountain climber Rick Wilcox has a strong passion for
climbing and his love for big mountains has led him all corners of the
globe.  At I.M.E. they have made a commitment to supply their customers
with the best technical gear and clothing available today. We deal
with all of the major suppliers of outdoor products. If they don’t stock
the item which you need, they can surely order it for you. In addition
to technical gear, they also have a great selection of Alpine Touring
and Telemark equipment.  And unlike the big retailers, our staff really
does ‘walk the walk’, not just ‘talk the talk’.  So we hope you’ll all think about supporting this wonderful local gear shop that has become the central climbing hub here in North Conway, NH!

La Sportiva boots are in!