Every year we send an e-mail to artist and backpack designer Randy Rackliff who started Cold Cold World backpacks and is an amazing woodcut artist.  His artwork has become an iconic staple for the Ice Fest poster, and we can’t be prouder that he is a local artist and alpinist.  It just hits home, ya know?  Randy once again gave us the “ok” to use his work for our posters this year, and we couldn’t be more ecstatic since it’s the 20th anniversary of the Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest.  Be sure to check out Randy’s newest art work.  They are incredibly bold, strong, and beautiful.  And Cold Cold World packs continue to be a top choice with all climber types.  In a nutshell his packs have everything that is essential and no fluff and frills, which keeps his packs light, durable, comfortable, and basically the best alpine packs out there.  Thanks so much Randy, it’s an honor to be able to use your work once again this year!

To the left: Cold Cold World’s Chernobyl Pack
To the right: “Atlas” 2010, size 14″x 16.5″


The 2013 MWV Ice Fest poster! Working with Randy’s artwork and the big “20” theme!