1994-2013, that's 20 years folks!

1994-2013, that’s 20 years folks!

So how excited are we about the 20th Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest?  SO EXCITED!  Only seems like 1994 was yesterday, but alas it’s 2013 and we’re ready to have a rockin’ good weekend!  And how psyched are our sponsors?  Well in a proper thick New England accent, you can say “wicked psyched”.

But we also want to do something special for all of you Ice Festers who want to celebrate, inspire, and thwack your ice tools with us this year!  That’s right this is a Birthday Bash weekend for all of you!  Thus we are so excited to announce our “BIG 20 GIVEAWAY” throughout the weekend!

What is the BIG 20 GIVEAWAY?  A handful of our sponsors are giving us 20 awesome items to giveaway!  We have heard from headlining sponsor, Outdoor Reasearch that they are sending us 10 Women’s Radiant Zip T’s and 10 Men’s Radiant Zip T’s to give out to you guys!  Also we’ve heard that Patagonia, Black Diamind, Petzl, Grivel, and more are in for the BIG 20 GIVEAWAY!  Oh man, it’s gonna be awesome!

How do you increase your chances of scoring some killer swag?

  • Come to the Apres Climbing Hour at IME/IMCS on Friday and Saturday afternoons from 3:30-5:00pm
  • Come to Friday and Saturday evenings presentations and festivities at Theater In The Wood, door open at 7pm! More info on shows HERE!



Outdoor Research’s men’s & women’s Radiant Zip-T! 10 of each to GIVEAWAY during the weekend!