Peter Doucette

It is a nice morning here in the Mount Washington Valley and today we bring you Peter Doucette! He’s back on board again this year and we’re psyched!! He just re-located to the MWV and calls himself a local now. He’s been climbing everything he can get his tools on for a while now, and loves to move fast and efficiently in the mountains. This past spring he spent some time in Alaska with Guest Guide Silas Rossi and got two new routes done on Mount Bradley! Nice work boys! On Saturday night they’re going to be showing a short film about this trip at the Theatre In The Wood! For more information on this click here.

On Saturday, Peter is going to be guiding Julbo’s Intro to Steep Waterfall Ice Climbing Skills. This is an intermediate clinic for those of you who’ve got a bit of experience moving on ice, but are ready to be a little more challenged and learn how to get on the steep stuff!

To sign up for this clinic you can call us directly at 603.356.7064 or you can head over to the contact us page and fill out the pre-registration form.