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Big ups to the IMCS Guides!!

We love these guys!! I mean really we are so lucky to have a rock steady team of uber talented climbing guides here at IMCS!!!!  When you look at this team of guides you can rest assured cause there is a ton of talent here at the climbing school and everyone has a teaching speciality!!! From guiding on Denali, to guiding on Everest, to big wall technique, to charging cold w15 New England Ice, from total accessibility to new climbers, putting up new routes, to mad experience when it comes to technical rescues, all around trad wizardry, and all of this with a easy going demeanour and good sense of humor!!!! You guys rock and are so very appreciated Thanks for all your year round hard work !!!!  Shout outs to: Brad White, Rick Wilcox, Craig Taylor, Zeb Jakub, Sam Bendroth, Elliot Gaddy, Conrad Yager, Craig John, Chris Magnas,  Micheal Wejchert, Paul Cormier, Pat Ferland and anyone else I may have missed!!!!!