G’Morning Ice Festers! We’re officially just 7 days away from Ice Fest! We can’t wait! This also means that we’re just 7 days away from an awesome presenter brought to you by Sterling Rope! Nick Bullock will be flying in to give a multi-media presentation. He’s pretty bad-ass so it’s okay to start getting psyched now! Click here for more details on all of the presentations we have for you this year!

Sterling's 9.8 Evolution Velocity

Sterling’s 9.8 Evolution Velocity

There are so many reasons why Sterling Rope is an awesome company, it is hard to know where to start. First of all, they’re located right here in the United States in Biddeford, ME. This is where all of their R&D happens, along with the creation of each and every rope or technical piece they sell! They’re proud that each item you buy, passes through the hands of one of their people before it is packaged and sent to you. This, along with all of the testing and new technology they’ve developed, is where the superior quality of their products comes in, which is a good thing since it’s your butt on the line!

Sterling Rope's Better Braid Technology in action!

Sterling Rope’s Better Braid Technology in action!

Sterling is big on supporting people who have a passion for our sport. Not only do they sponsor many big name athletes, but they also know that those big name athletes got their beginnings as a local climber at one time in their lives. They sponsor many New England athletes and support events like our which makes climbing accessible to anyone who wants to give it a go! Sterling Rope will have a booth at Ice Fest this year so be sure to stop in and talk to their folks to learn more about the amazing ropes they create!!