Each week we’ve been giving you updates on new products from Outdoor Research! Between the gloves and the jackets, we’ve been completely psyched! Today though, the psych is even higher because they’re bringing us amazing athletes to Guest Guide during Ice Fest! This morning we’re highlighting two in particular: Adam George and Peter Doucette!

Adam George

Adam George

Adam grew up here in New Hampshire and cut his teeth on our local mountains. After college he started traveling the world in pursuit of his love for adventure in the mountains. Since then he’s circled the globe with trips to Alaska, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, India, Nepal, Thailand, Greece and has climbed extensively in the Alps and North America! This guy can pretty much climb anything you put in front of him! He now lives in France with his wife and daughter and we’re super excited he’s coming home to be a part of Ice Fest again for 2014!

Adams Clinics are: 

Friday: Outdoor Research’s Guided Hardman/Hardwoman Climb

Saturday & Sunday: Intro to Leading on Ice

Peter Doucette (Photo: Matt McCormick)

Peter Doucette (Photo: Matt McCormick)

Peter is also a New Hampshire local who’s recently decided to move back and lay down some roots after living away for a number of years! We’re happy to have him back in our neck of the woods again and stoked he’ll be guiding with us again this year! Peter too has climbed all over the world with notable ascents in Alaska, Canada and China. He’s got extensive experience with the scrappy climbing of New England though and that’s what makes him good. This guy can climb with the hardest of the hard and make it look good. We don’t call him Handsome Pete for nothing! Sorry ladies, he’s taken… When guiding, he’s all about moving well and giving you the best experience possible. He loves helping people climb their best while giving them fun and safe days in the mountains.

Peter’s Clinics are: 

Friday: Ice Climbing 101

Keep your eyes out for Saturday and Sunday Clinics that Peter will be guiding as Ice Fest gets closer!

To sign up for a clinic call IMCS directly at 603-356-7064