Hey Ice Festers!  Want to try something a little different this winter?  Want to try something really freakin’ fun?  We got the answer!

Senior IMCS Guide, Zebulon Jakub will be guiding Intro To Snow Kiting on Sunday, February 2nd during Ice Fest!

You learn the basics of what it takes to take part in this new and exciting winter activity. We’ll show you how to walk through the steps of how to choose a site suitable for snow kiting, what kites are used as well as interpreting all the parts of the kite, how weather affects snow kiting and use as well as simple self rescue techniques to name a few possibilities. When the student leaves the course, the student will understand how exciting kite flying on the snow can be and will truly start to see the wonderful possibilities that snow kiting can bring to the winter recreation theater.  This is a 3 hour course!

Below is a sweet lil’ video, check it!  It is a BLAST!