We would like to send a big warm welcome back to CAMP and CAMP Athlete Ian Osteyee! We are thrilled to have them back for what is sure to be another unforgettable Ice Fest!



Serious about going light and fast? CAMP has you covered! They have been manufacturing climbing gear for over 120 years and are best known for their lightweight and innovative products. If your looking for the lightest gear on the market, be sure to check out their The Nano 23 Carabiner or the Corsa Ice Axe! CAMP focuses on research and product development in order to bring superior value to their products!

They will also be bringing CAMP Athlete Ian Osteyee! Ian is a Adirondack crusher and AMGA Guide who has climbed all over the world! He has numerous first ascents in the Adirondaks and several in Napal including Shaugdro (WI5 R/X 600m)!  We are psyched to have him back for Ice fest!


Stingray, Poko Moonshine

Here is Ian sending Stingray at Poke-O-Moonshine in the Adirondacks!