It is always a treat to have guides with experience in the Alaskan ranges at Ice Fest. Being able to learn about glacier travel, how to navigate around seracs, and generally improve your ‘mountain sense’ from experienced guides who have logged hundred of hours in that terrain is invaluable, especially for aspiring big-range climbers who are stranded on the East Coast. Ice Fest’s two newest guest guides, Nick Aiello and Tim Farr, are two such Alaskan hardmen and very welcome additions to the Ice Fest roster.

While out east, Nick Aiello guides for Synnott Mountain Guides in Intervale, but he has also worked extensively in the Cascades and the Alaskan ranges. Nick has lectured extensively on his adventures in the Alaskan ranges and has had his work published in such notable magazines as the Alpinist. We are thrilled to have him on board and look forward to hearing more about his past adventures and plans for the future.

Nick Aiello - Ice Fest

Before moving to the Northeast about 4 years ago, Tim Farr lived in Alaska, guiding climbing and ski mountaineering. With a background in exploring gorges and glaciers in Alaska it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Tim is most at home in sub-zero temps and white-outs – a perfect trait for a Northeast alpine guide. Presently, Tim guides year-round at Petra Cliffs in Burlington where he is also a manager. Tim tries to get back to the bigger rock piles of the west every year or so for a little adventure, be sure to ask him about his upcoming objectives!

Tim Farr