It would not be going too far to say that Frontside Grind fuels the climbing scene in North Conway. Stop in there for a breakfast sandwich on your way to the crag and you will be joined in line by a whose-who of North Country guides and crushers. At the register, Andy can give you an update on which ice flows are in while serving you coffee brewed from the beans that IME gear guru, Helon, had just roasted. Despite the skatepark name, ‘Frontside’ is a cultural hub of North Conway climbing. If you are new to town or just visiting, stop in at Frontside to find a last-minute partner or hear of the biggest recent FAs.

Frontside Grind Coffee

Frontside is owned by Austin and Laura, who gather beans from around the world and roast them to perfection. After going to them for our morning coffee, the organizers of Ice Fest are really excited to tell you that Frontside will be coming to us for Ice Fest again. Don’t forget, FSG is conveniently located just a block down from IME, where you can also grab a breakfast sandwich, baked goods, juice, or yogurt!

Frontside Grind

Each morning of the Ice Fest you can grab a cup Frontside Grind coffee at the American Alpine Club’s table.  Swing by, say hi, and educate yourself on why the American Alpine Club rocks and all the benefits you get as a climber when you have a membership!  They’ll also fill you in on the Live Your Dream Grant that we’ll be fundraising for throughout Saturday evening’s festivities with a silent auction at the Theatre in the Woods.