Good morning folks! Ice Fest is just around the corner, and before you get busy with your weekend plans we want to remind you to take a peek at all the clinics and sign!  In some clinics there are only a handful of spots left, so don’t wait!  Some of the guest guides are locked in, though there is potential it may change.  We’re working hard to nail those down for you all though!

Clinics we want to highlight and that may interest you:

  • Ice Climbing 101:  For those who have never tied into a climbing rope before, and would love to try Ice Climbing. You’ll learn the safety basics of the climbing system, how to belay, how to walk and climb in crampons, how to select and use an ice axe and how to move over a variety of moderate to steep ice.
  • Ice Climbing For Rock Climbers:  For those of you who have rock climbed, indoors or out, know how to tie into the climbing rope, and how to belay. You’re learn crampon and Ice Axe use and how to move over a variety of steep frozen terrain. This course will get your gears moving and get you comfortable on the ice!
  • Intro To Steep Ice:  Want to get comfortable on Grade 4 ice?   It’s time!  Learn how to move smoothly, without getting pumped!  You will get the chance to climb many different types of steep ice, learn to establish a resting position, and incorporate rock climbing movements into your ice climbing awareness.
  • Mixed Climbing 101:  (Saturday clinic is full!  Space available in Friday & Sunday’s clinic!):  Mixed climbing has gained much popularity recently. This surge of interest has lead to the development of new equipment, terminology, and techniques. In this course you’ll learn how to use your axes, crampons and rock climbing techniques to conquer challenging mixed terrain.
  • Snow & Ice Anchors Clinic:  This full day course offers important information about construction and equalization of anchor systems for both snow and ice climbing. If you are heading to the big mountains, glaciers or doing Alpine Climbs this is a skill you need to have. Topics will include but not limited to ice screws, bollards, v –threads use of terrain features for ice and will include pickets, flukes, bollards, ice axes, natural features and assorted buried deadman anchors such as a backpack or skis for snow. This is a hands on course and you will have time to practice your own placements, create anchors and test them with group help.
  • Alpine Snow & Ice Skills:  Alpine climbing requires the use of a variety of climbing skills to efficiently negotiate snow and ice terrain. This course is a basic introduction to belaying, self arrest, knots, climbing equipment and will also include a few pitches of a multi-pitch alpine climb. Topics of instruction will include gear placements (snow and ice), rope management, time management, belay techniques and route finding.   After completing this course, climbers should be capable of moving on to more difficult alpine routes in Huntington Ravine, Tuckerman ravine and throughout the Presidential Range.
  • Mount Washington Ascent:  Mount Washington is the highest peak in the Northeast and the conditions above timberline are as serious as any mountain in North America. As we ascend we will discuss general mountaineering skills, winter navigation and we will be able to practice basic crampon, ice axe skills and self arrest techniques. No previous mountaineering experience is required. However, participants should be physically prepared and well equipped for a rigorous all day experience. We will meet at IME at 7:00am for a gear check and to get fitted for mountaineering boots, crampons and ice axe. Available Friday and Sunday


If you want to snag one of the remaining spots in this clinic, call up the International Mountain Climbing School ASAP! You can reach the office at 603-356-7064. Don’t wait on this, they’ll go quick!  And it’s such a FUN WEEKEND!