The American Alpine Club is a huge supporter of climbing communities throughout the US, especially the small but enthusiastic one in the Mount Washington valley. One of their biggest contributions is the Live Your Dream Grant, which can and has been given to a wide array of climbers.
Have you only climbed in a gym and want to go outdoors for the first time? Apply for a grant. Have you been training throughout the North East but want to up the ante and go to Alaska? Apply for the grant. All abilities are welcomed by the AAC. The common trait among grant recipients is that they want to challenge themselves and grow as a climbers – who doesn’t that apply to?

About the AAC Northeast LIVE YOUR DREAM Grant, supported by the Mt. Washington Valley Ice Festival:  This is a new, locally administered grant for climbers residing in New England and New York. The purpose of the LIVE YOUR DREAM Grant is to fund individuals or small teams in pursuit of their personal climbing dreams. The emphasis of the grant is on projects that have significant positive impact on grantees’ progressions as climbers Examples of types of projects we might fund include (but are not limited to):

  • a Northeast climber’s first trip to Yosemite to climb a big wall
  • travel for a boulderer or sport climber to visit an area outside of the Northeast and attempt an iconic problem/route
  • a Northeast ice climber who wants to expand their experience in the Canadian Rockies or elsewhere
  • a rock climber who wants to learn winter mountaineering skills in New Hampshire, the Cascades, or Alaska

The LIVE YOUR DREAM Grant is supported by the American Alpine Club and local fundraising efforts and is administered by a panel of New England and New York climbers. Want to learn more about the grant recipients from last year? Check it out here:  Northeast Region Live Your Dream Grant Winners

Live Your Dream

Again, the Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest can’t express how excited we are to support AAC with this great cause. This opportunity to support  local climbers in reaching their goals is truly inspiring. We encourage all levels of winter climbers to dream big, apply, and get after it.

While we’re on the subject, have you joined the American Alpine Club? In addition to loads of fantastic member benefits, the AAC is an important and active supporter of the New England climbing community.