Need to work on your Steep Ice Climbing Technique? Great news! We have put together a series of Steep Ice Clinics with an incredible line-up of Guides.  If your comfortable on Grade 3 ice, it’s time to move on to the steep stuff. Learn how to move smoothly, without getting pumped! Vertical ice takes on many forms – mushrooms, bulges, cauliflower, candlesticks, chandeliers, pillars, curtains, smears, and flows. Brittle or punky, blue or yellow – it takes imagination and experience to move efficiently and confidently on this awe-inspiring terrain. You will get the chance to climb many different types of steep ice, learn to establish a resting position, and incorporate rock climbing movements into your ice climbing awareness. These clinics fill up fast so reserve your spot today!


DMM’s Intro to Steep Ice with Bayard Russell & Nick Aiello

Steep Ice Skills with Erik Eisele & Max Lurie

Outdoor Research’s Ladies Just Wanna Ice Climb with Cecilia Buil & Alexa Siegel


OR Steep Ice with Bryan Gilmore & Elliot Gaddy

Ladies Steep Ice Andrea Charest & Cecelia Buil – COURSE FULL!

CAMP’s Intro To Steep Ice with Bob Baribeau & Sam Bendroth


OR Steep Ice with Anne Gilbert Chase & Conrad Yager

CAMP’s Intro to Steep Ice with Peter Doucette & Andrea Charest