We can’t thank this Outdoor Research enough!  They have supported the event as headlining sponsor for years now.  They saw the growth that could and did happen with the Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest and they also know how big and psyched the climbing community is here in the Northeast!  Welcome back OR, we are honored and thrilled to have such a great company headlining the 2017 MWV Ice Fest!

If you don’t know too much about Outdoor Research, be sure check out their core values here.  We are behind are for all of this!:

At Outdoor Research, we think that life gets better the minute we step out the door on a new adventure, no matter how big or small. We learn about ourselves, each other and the environment every time we get out. We come home a little wiser and stronger. We see the world more clearly, and that compels us to treat it better. More than anything, we’re convinced that if we inspire more people to get outside, the world will be a better place.

To Provide Innovation and Inspiration for the Relentless Adventurer.


  • A Culture of Respect
    • We listen, value and empower each other and our fellow adventures while striving to protect the planet we live on.
  • Innovation That Works
    • Make it better, not just new or different.
  • Improve Every Day
    • Sweat the details and strive to be better in everything we do.
  • Beauty in Function
    • Create differentiation through clean, simple solutions.
  • The Power of the Journey
    • Through challenges we grow, and have fun along the way.