One of the awesome perks  if Ice Fest each year is the array of demo gear that participants get to try.  This year we’re psyched to have two awesome companies in our demo fleet, Trango and Adidas.  Be sure to check them out before you head out Ice Fest weekend and get the chance to try out some awesome new gear!

Here is a little bit about Trango, “Trango is a company built by climbers, for climbers. We are committed to bringing high quality, high performing products to the climbing world and are passionate about stewardship for the planet. Our brands include: Tenaya, eGrips, SMC, and PMI. Trango, extraordinary climbing gear.”

Adidas Outdoor, “Adidas Outdoor is the athletic brand in the outdoors. It’s the brand for those who follow their insatiable passions, live without limits and conquer new territories, no matter what they do – be it climbing, trail running, mountain biking, ski mountaineering, kayaking or combining several activities.  Adidas Outdoor is proud to count athletes such as Kevin Jorgeson, Sasha DiGiulian, Sam Sutton, Pete Henke, Sachi Amma and the Huber brothers in its family. Every year, the brand sponsors adidas ROCKSTARS, the contest for the international climbing elite.”