Petzl is back at Ice Fest this year!  A warm welcome back to these big time supporters of MWV Ice Fest, they will be bringing the goods to demo once again, as well as some really sweet guides and climbers.  Petzl will have you SET UP in the hard goods department, so everyone from the newest climber to the oldest salt can get after it!

Ready to get your head in the game?  Check out Petzl’s tech tips on their website, get the ol’ winter synapses firing and start thinking about what kind of clinic you’re down for this year!  We’ll be guiding all over the valley all weekend like usual, so whether you have your eye on Mount Washington or dreaming of getting on a more technical mixed crag, Ice Fest has got the spot for you.

Tech tips:


Ice Climbing

Want to get techy?  Check out the videos below of Petzl’s new stuff in store for the 2018 Nomic, Ergonomic, and Quark.  All will be available to demo this year!