Sterling Rope turned twenty five this year!  Since their founding, in November 1992, Sterling has been a leader in static and dynamic rope technology.

Throughout our 25-year history, we have grown not only our product line, but our people. We’ve seen young high school and college grads start with us, get married, have kids and send those kids to college. We’ve advanced folks from the production floor to supervisors and managers, from customer service to directing sales, from interns to engineers. Each of us has a passion for creating great product, a cool culture, and servicing wonderful customers. Our communities have grown along with our involvement in them. Our products give our customers the Freedom to Focus, regardless of whether they are working on rope, using rope for safety or rescue purposes, or climbing recreationally. They can focus on the task at hand and not have to worry about their gear.

One thing that makes Sterling climbing ropes stand out is the DryXP UIAA Water Repellant Treatment.

Unlike typical dry treatments of the past, the DryXP is permanent.  Even typical wear and washing of the rope will not remove this dry treatment.  The pre-test abrasion cycles that are required in the stringent UIAA Water Absorption test are meant to “simulate use” and very much help prove to the customer that the dry treatment of the rope being purchased has a far superior permanency than any dry treatment that does not carry the UIAA Dry label. 

Here is what Sterling athletes have to say about the new DryXP UIAA Water Repellent Treatment:


Their Fusion Nano Dry XP just won Best in Gear from Rock & Ice!!  It’s certified as a single, half and twin rope and treated with their DryXP water repellant.  It is incredibly light weight, and incredibly versatile.

We can’t wait to climb on Sterling Ropes at Ice Fest!  Thank you Sterling, for your support!!