Welcome back Majka Burhardt!  Along with being a professional climber, Majka is an author and social entrepreneur.  Her home is now the Mount Washington Valley, but her interests extend much further.  She is the founder and executive director of Legado inspired by her climbing and conservation efforts on Mount Namuli in Mozambique.  Legado strives to protect fragile mountain ecosystems through the support of the communities that live within them.  Read about Legado:Namuli, the flagship effort to this growing project here.

Her book Coffee Story:Ethiopia was released for a second printing this year. Majka is a sponsored by Patagonia, Petzl and Julbo.

Feeling exhausted just reading about doing all that?  Majka is also the mother of twins.  And, we haven’t even gotten to the fact that she’s a total crusher on ice.  She has been guiding since 1999, and, in 2003, was the fourth woman in the United States to become certified by the American Mountain Guides Association.  Nowadays she alternates family time, with climbing adventures, on rock and ice, here in NH.  She is a great teacher and we are stoked to have her guiding for Ice Fest again this year.

Majka Burhardt and Caroline Gleich climbing Promenade W!5+, Lake Willoughby, Vermont.


Majka Burhardt on Remission Direct, Photo by Jason Thompson