Welcome back Rab Equipment!  Stoked to have Rab back to demo their jackets and gloves at Ice Fest this year!

About Rab:

“Today, we are ceaseless in our commitment to Rab’s exacting standards, ingenuity and pioneering spirit. We make rugged, high performance mountain clothing and equipment that give you absolute protection, comfort and freedom on the hill, crag or peak. We use cutting edge materials as well as time-tested ones such as premium quality European down. Nothing fancy or over-engineered – just honest, hard-working pieces that you’d rather repair than replace. By climbers for climbers.”

Click the links for all the beta you could want on the demo fleet this year!

Women’s Baltoro Glove

Neutrino Pro Jacket

Alpine Glove

Alpha Direct Jacket

Vengeance Glove

Women’s Alpha Direct Jacket

Muztag DV Jacket

Women’s Neutrino Pro Jacket

Women’s Muztag DV Jacket

Guide Glove Short


Check out some of their awesome winter gear in some killer scenery that inspired Rad to begin creating mountain equipment in Sheffield in the 1980s in the video below!