Stoked to have a bevy of Patagonia demo gear heading your way!  Jackets, puffies and backpacks, oh my!  They’ll also be traveling with one of their folks from their Worn Wear program.  Check out the video below to learn more about Worn Wear and how to extend the life of your gear 🙂

Anne Gilbert Chase coming around the corner of what turned out to be the key to unlocking the route up Nilkantha’s SW face. JASON THOMPSON


Ascensionist Packs


Men’s & Women’s Insulation:

Fitz Roy Down Jackets/Parkas

Hyper Puff Hoodies/Parkas

Nano Air Jackets/Hoodies

Micro Puff Jackets/Hoodies


Men’s and Women’s Shells:

Triolet Jacket

Pluma Jacket

Galvanized Jacket