We heart these ropes, big time!  Made in USA, these ropes are local, dependable, and we love climbing on them.  Sterling’s goal is to give total reliability on their end, so you can feel confident going into all your endeavors, whatever they may be.  Sign up for a clinic today and you will undoubtedly be climbing on a Sterling rope!

“We have been making the highest quality, most innovative static and dynamic rope and cord for decades. We were the first to offer a 48-carrier static sheath construction for greater durability and better handling. We came out with the first 100% Polyester static rope called the HTP, and were the first to offer 100% Technora heat and abrasion resistant ropes to the fire industry; helping FDNY create the first escape kit. Even our accessory cords were constructed differently; utilizing our innovative sewn tacks and eyes. Our ropes and cords are seen on the most technical rescues, in the tallest trees, on remote missions as well as hazardous job sites and are there to get people home safely, day after day.”

Check out Sterling’s ROPE RECYCLING PROGRAM!!  Keep that used up nylon out of the landfills, and keep outdoor spaces wild.