Jim Ewing gets wild and crazy on Dial M For Murder on Mount Willard, New Hampshire.

We’re super excited to announce that Sterling Rope is coming back to the Ice Fest as one of our top sponsors.  The crew at Sterling Rope has a ton of passion for the New England community, as they themselves are based out of Biddeford, Maine!  You can see some of the best climbers in the country that are North East based are Sterling athletes.  And we’re psyched to say that a number of these guest athletes will be guiding at the 2012 ice fest including Kevin Mahoney, Bayard Russell, Ben Gilmore, Janet Bergman, Freddie Wilkinson, and Mark Synnott!  Oh, and of course we are SO PSYCHED that Sterling Rope is bringing Will Gadd here for all of you for the Ice Fest for a great show on Friday, February 3rd.  With the Ice Fest Face Off Comp to follow, it’s going to be a rockah!
   In addition to the above, Sterling Rope is sponsoring the Ice Fest Face Off Comp.  You’ll see their beautiful ropes being used that evening as the competitors give it their all.  Additionally, we are SUPER psyched that they have asked mixed master climbing badass Jim Ewing to set the Face Off Comp route!  This guy set two incredible routes last year, and we know he will do an incredible job with Freddie Wilkinson and Sterling Rope Rep Doug Madara lending him a hand or two.  Jim has been tearing it up as a rock, ice, and mixed climber for some time, and there’s still no stopping him.  We greatly appreciate his talent, vision, and psyche to set the routes for the Ice Fest Face Off Comp. 
  Catch out drift?  Sterling Rope is an incredible sponsor that has a lot of passion for climbers, the climbing community and festivals like ours that brings the climbing community together.  RAD!  So look em’ up- and perhaps treat yourself to a nice rope.  Perhaps their “Evolution Ice Thong” that you didn’t receive from mom this holiday season!

Sterling Rope Ice Thong.  The Ice Thong is a 7.7mm twin rope that is both lightweight and compact, a major benefit when you want to share the load on that long approach hike.