Taking an ice climbing clinic?  A mixed climbing clinic?  Or curious to try out leashless tools?  Perhaps your not ready to break away from your leashes yet, and want options?

Black Diamond will be back at the 2012 MWV Ice Fest to help you out with all of the above and more!  They will have tools, new leash options, v-thread tools, harnesses, helmets and more!   Black Diamond wrote us back and specifically noted they would have:  

  • Fusion Ice Tool-  Mixed climbing/Steep Ice Machine
  • Cobra Ice Tool- Carbon Fiber sexy piece of art. Best do anything tool we make
  • Viper Ice Tool- Do all, hydroformed aluminum shafted ice tool.
  • Reactor Ice Tool- Intro level, leashless tool.
  • Xenos- Ice climbing specific harness with the cutting edge “Kinetic Core Technology”
  • First Shot- Make the perfect V-Thread every time, first time
  • Spinner Leash- Fumble your ice tool? No worries, this technical ice tool leash will save you a headache and a cluster
  • Cobra/Viper Android Leash-  For those stuck in the 1990s
  • Half Dome Helmet- Save your dome. 
  • Crampons:  Stingers,  Cyborgs, Sabertooths
Check it out!  Spinner Leashes, Cobra Ice Tools, Xenos Harness, and First Shot V-Thread Tool