Great news, Folks! The NEice Soup Kitchen will be back at Ice Fest on Saturday afternoon! These guys are super awesome and they make real good soup. There will be soup upstairs at IME in the afternoon and in year’s past they’ve even gone around to our clinics to serve you soup when you’re coldest! 

5 cents not required!

NEice was the brainchild of Doug Millen who started the organization back in 1999. He felt frustrated by the lack of information on ice climbing in New England and decided to do something about it. It has since grown to be the #1 resource for climbers in the Northeast. There is a great community on the site and a wealth of information, including descriptions and photos about conditions and beta on new and classic lines.

The folks over there are super supportive of Ice Fest and anything that has to do with climbing in the North East! We’re really happy to have them back again this year! Be sure to head over to their website for the latest conditions, sign up for the community and start contributing! Also, look out for them on Saturday; you don’t want to miss that yummy soup!