Hey folks!  We have a HUGE announcement this morning!  We hope it gets you even more excited for the 2013 Ice Fest, as we’re super stoked about it!

So this year is the 20th Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest.  We wanted to go BIG with the 2013 presenters, we wanted to keep some local heart in it, world class alpinists is a must, and we wanted a British accent.  We got all of that!   Check it out below, and if you haven’t started planning your trip up here yet, we hope this motivates you to get on it!

2013 Ice Fest Presenters:

  • Nick Bullock: Our British accent is here! Oh yeah, and a bold, funny Brit that defines “bad ass”. Check him out in: Scottish Winter. Special thanks to headlining sponsor Sterling Rope for sponsoring his trip here.
  • Kyle Dempster This guy won the 2010 Piolet d’Or, is an Outdoor Research athlete, and sent the East face of K7 in a ballistic, 49-hour push!  BAWSE!
  • Renan Ozturk:  One of the top adventurers, climbers, artist, and filmmakers in the world right now!  The North Face is sending us this kid to grace us with his talent and leave us drooling over his adventures.  (joint show with Freddie Wilkinson)
  • Josh Wharton: Patagonia is sending us this guy who has New Hampshire roots!  This guy is an alpinist who has put of first ascents in Pakistan, and is a 3 time Ouray Ice Festival Mixed Climbing Competion Winner.  Josh is teaching Mixed Masters Clinic on Saturday too!
  • Freddie Wilkinson:  Freddie!!!!!  We are so psyched and proud of our homegrown local bad ass!  He won the 2012 Piolet d’Or, and has done first ascents in India, Nepal, Alaska, Argentina, and also right here in good ol’ New Hampshire.  We have a lot of heart this guy!  (joint show with Renan Ozturk)

LOCATION UPDATE:  The evening presentations location has changed for 2013, and is now at Theater In The Wood, just 4 miles north of IME/IMCS.

The schedule is as follows:
Friday Evening: Multi-Media Shows by Nick Bullock followed by a joint show by Renan Ozturk & Freddie Wilkinson. American Alpine Club Silent Auction for the Live Your Dream Grant
Saturday Evening: Multi-Media Shows by Josh Wharton and Kyle Dempster followed by the 20th Ice Fest Birthday Bash

(there is no Ice Fest comp due to the closure of the Cranmore Wall closure.  But we hope this uber lineup makes up for that!)