Announcing the return of Rock and Ice, Nemo, and Rock On!!!!

Rock and Ice is the best way to get your climbing inspiration on! This publication is so great for bringing us awesome stories, photo’s (drool), and the latest climbing news. Rock and Ice will be throwing down their newest issue again this year at Ice Fest  gratis to all patricipants! Thanks Rock and Ice.

Local New England company Nemo is back for their second year as Ice Fest sponsors.  We love Nemo Gear!! They have killer super light, tents and tarps. Nemo is now adding sleeping bags to their 2013 line of products!!! Can’t wait to check those puppies out!  And  a big kudos to Nemo for  their  G.R.N. environmental and Humanatarian relief projects! Check it out.

And last but never least Rock On!!! Rock On is another New England company making chalk bags and soft goods.  Rock On works hard to keep prices low making their quality goods accessible to even the dirtiest of dirtbag climbers!! All we have to say is “Right on” to Rock On!