Black Diamond is back to Ice Fest 2013!!! BD gear is serious technical goods!!! This hardware has a reputation for a reason, because its innovative and burly as all heck.  This year the BD boys are packing awesome demos including Tools: Fusions, Cobras, Vipers, and Reactors. For crampons: Stingers, Cyborgs, and Sabertooths. They will also be bringing the Xenos ice harness along with some helmets, a few spinner leashes, and first shot V thread tools. We are psyched to have Black Diamond back at Ice Fest 2013!!!

So I am a history and fact geek Just can’t help myself hehehehe!!! Did you know Black Diamond Equipment’s history dates back to the late 1950s, when climber Yvon Chouinard began hand-forging pitons and selling them from the trunk of his car in Yosemite Valley. Chouinard’s pitons quickly gained a reputation for quality, and Chouinard Equipment was born soon after in Ventura, California. In early 1989, after several product-liability lawsuits and a continued lack of profitability, Yvon Chouinard placed the company in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Black Diamond was founded on December 1, 1989, when the assets of Chouinard Equipment Ltd. were purchased by a group of former Chouinard employees.