We are excited to have NEice.com back and apart of the 2013 Ice Fest, and are super psyched that the NEice.com Soup Kitchen is back!  The NEice.com crew will be serving warm soup up stairs at IME during the apres climbing hour from 3:30pm-5pm at the American Alpine Club table on Friday & Saturday.  Their soup is always a huge hit after a cold fun day outside on the ice! Nom! Nom! Nom!

NEice.com is built and maintained by the ice climbing community here in the Northeast.  They are a constant feed of ice climbing conditions, ice climbing events, and a huge source of inspiration as they post photos, adventures, articles, and news throughout the winter months.  Right now is their fund drive.  Think about it.  How much would it suck to not have this resource?  It would be a huge bummer!  So if you use it in any way or form, please consider donating whatever you can!  That is what helps keep it going!  Visit HERE to donate what you can!