Happy 2013 all you Ice Festers!  And we wanted to kick off the New Year with a big shout out to our headlining sponsor, Outdoor Research.  The Ice Fest couldn’t happen without the support from our sponsors, especially Outdoor Research.   This year they are coming back with amazing demo’s so you can check out their goods at IME Friday through Sunday (Feb. 1-3, 20130).   They are also bringing in an incredible fleet of Outdoor Research athletes and guest guides which include Emilie Drinkwater, Adam George, Bayard Russell and guest Ice Fest guest presenter Kyle Dempster.  Check it out below to see what the Outdoor Research kids are guiding, and also learn a little more about Kyle Dempster’s show on Saturday night!

Kyle Dempster:
Multi-Media Show Saturday night at Theater In The Wood
The Pakistani Double Header: East face of K7 and south east face of the Ogre 1

Emilie Drinkwater:
Friday: Ladies Just Want To Ice Climb Clinic
Saturday: Outdoor Research’s Introduction To Ice Climbing For Rock Climbers
Sunday: Outdoor Research’s Steep Waterfall Ice Climbing Skills

Adam George:
Friday: Patagonia’s Intro to Steep Waterfall Ice Climbing Skills
Saturday & Sunday: Patagonia’s Intro to Leading on Ice with Ben Gilmore & Janet Wilkinson

Bayard Russell:
Friday: Outdoor Research’s Intro to Mixed Climbing w/ Bayard Russell
Saturday: Outdoor Research’s Steep Waterfall Ice Climbing Skills