Odds are, you’ve started hearing more and more about mixed climbing over the last few years. From long alpine routes to short, steep overhanging walls, the limits of this style of climbing are getting pushed further and further all the time. If you have ever thought about giving mixed climbing a try, we are offering three clinics with some of the masters of the trade!


The unique weather patterns and rock formations in New England make for some of the best mixed climbing around. In these clinics, you will learn how to use your axes, crampons, and rock climbing technique to move efficiently through mixed terrain.

Outdoor Research will be presenting Mixed Climbing 101 clinics on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

On Friday, local legend Bayard Russell will team up with hardwoman Andrea Charest to teach mixed climbing skills.

On Saturday, Mark Synnott and Karsten Delap will help you with the finer points of mixed climbing.

On Sunday, guest guide Ryan Stefiuk will share the knowledge he has gained from climbing some of the hardest, scrappiest climbs around.

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To sign up, call IMCS or visit the Ice Fest Registration Page:
603-356-7064 https://www.mwv-icefest.com/registration-policies/