Ice Fest is excited to welcome back Outdoor Research Ambassador Bryan Gilmore as a guest guide! He will be joining us as an instructor for Outdoor Research’s Mixed Climbing 101.

When he’s not sending big in Patagonia or Chamonix he spends his time with his lovely daughter, teaching her the about the great outdoors. This committed dad sure makes the most of his climbing time! He teamed up with Adam George to do the four classiest ice lines in the San Juan range of Colorado—Birdbrain Boulevard, The Talisman, Bridalveil Falls and the Ames Ice Hose, in just 16 hours.

Bryan initially focused solely on ground-up trad climbing, but when some friends introduced him the the wonderful world of sport climbing he witnessed great personal growth in all the varied disciplines climbing can offer. Now residing in Boston, he is one of New England’s mixed climbing masters! Join him for a mixed climbing clinic and you learn how to scrap your way up mixed climbs with ease. We are pumped to have this local crusher on board!


We are also excited to welcome Outdoor Research Grassroots Athlete, Alexa Siegel. Alexa isn’t just a talented sport climber; with ticks of tricky, winter test pieces and her recent send of Half Dome’s Regular Northwest Face with young partner-in-crime Hanna Lucy, this alpinista is proving herself North Conway’s next all round lady crusher, and the Mount Washington Valley Icefest is proud to have this up-and-comer for a third year of awesome Guest Guiding!

When she’s not on seacoast rock climbing trips in Newfoundland, bumming around the Valley, or lashing on fruit boots for her latest project at the mixed crag, Alexa works as a guide for various places around the north country; in the summertime, you can find her at Cathedral or Whitehorse most hazy days, taking out psyched youngsters for the Kismet Rock Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to exposing underprivileged kids to the beauties and challenges of rock climbing.  In the wintertime, Alexa’s usually taking all sorts of folks into the crags and mountains for Cathedral Mountain Guides.  We’re so psyched to have this youngster joining us for another Ice fest!!!