Peter Doucette, Mind Bender WI5, Lake Willoughby, VT

Peter Doucette, Mindbender WI5+, Lake Willoughby, VT, Asolo Eiger GV Boots

We are so thrilled to welcome back Asolo to the Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest!  An Italian company, Asolo has been passed down through generations since 1946 and is so well known as making some of the best boots in the industry.  Henry Barber will be back with a demo fleet of boots including the Eiger GV, the Alta Via and the 6B+.  The Eiger won the The B.I.G. award from Rock and Ice Magazine for best in gear (this award is not given out every year and therefore very prestigious).  Local climbers Peter Doucette and Joe Terevechia have used them to establish new routes here in the valley the last few years and in Newfoundland, where for several seasons it has been the only boot Joe took. The Alta Via won the most comfortable all mountain boot from Climbing Magazine. Climbing has emphasized the exceptional fit for women as fit is crucial for comfort, performance and warmth.

Henry will be equipped with boots every morning during Ice Fest.  All Asolo boot fittings will be performed using a Brannock device so that attendees will have an opportunity to figure out how to solve various fit problems and maximize warmth. He is ready to talk to you about performance and fit you to the perfect size boot.  When you pay close attention to ankle and heel fit, you reduce fatigue and increase warmth.  Take advantage of his knowledge!