We could ramble on forever about all the reasons that we love Outdoor Research, but today we want to focus on one thing in particular – the amazing OR athletes that will be here at this year’s MWV Ice Fest.  Thank you Outdoor Research, for supporting these climbers, and for supporting us again!

Alexa Siegel is known across New England as a silent crusher.  She is an incredibly smooth climber that has been dispatching one hard New Hampshire route after another and has quickly become one of the Northeast’s top climbers.  Alexa guides for Cathedral Mountain Guides, as well as the Kismet Rock Foundation during the summers.

  • Friday – TBA!  But don’t miss out – it’s gonna be good!
  • Saturday – Ladies Mixed Climbing
  • Sunday – Ladies Just Wanna Ice Climb2017-01-12_0001

I don’t think anyone is as psyched on New Hampshire as Bayard Russell.  Spend a few hours anywhere in the Granite State with this guy and it’s obvious.  He is known for his ability to confidently climb just about anything, and fill the forest with laughter as he does so, but scratching his way up mixed routes seem to be his true bread-and-butter.  Bayard is a co-owner of Cathedral Mountain Guides.

  • Friday – Mixed Climbing 101
  • Saturday – Steep Waterfall Ice Climbing Skills2017-01-12_0002

Bryan Gilmore began his climbing career with a serious focus on ground-up trad climbing.  Fortunately, someone eventually put some ice tools in his hands. Now Bryan is widely known as a mixed climbing master and a steep ice sender.

  • Friday – Steep Waterfall Ice Climbing Skills
  • Saturday – Intro To Steep Waterfall Ice Climbing
  • Sunday – Intro to Steep Waterfall Ice Climbing2017-01-12_0003

Emilie Drinkwater is an AMGA/IFMGA guide who now lives in Salt Lake City, but she’s no stranger to the Northeast and we are psyched that we were able to pull her back to New Hampshire for another Ice Fest!  She has climbed, skied, and adventured all over the world, and can easily handle any sort of mountain terrain you throw her way.  Emilie is a co-owner of Cloudsplitter Mountain Guides.

  • Friday – Ladies Just Wanna Ice Climb
  • Saturday – Steep Waterfall Ice Climbing Skills
  • Sunday – Ladies Just Wanna Ice Climb2017-01-12_0004

It seems that every time you turn around, Vermont-based climber, Matt McCormick, has just ticked another unbelievable route.  No wonder he is always so keen on guiding Ice Fest’s Hardman clinics!  When he isn’t traveling to climb, Matt guides for Cathedral Mountain Guides.

  • Friday – Hardman Clinic
  • Saturday – Climbing on Thin Ice
  • Sunday – Hardman Clinic2017-01-12_0005

Sheldon Kerr is joining us for her first MWV Ice Fest, and we are excited to be able to get her back to her New England roots!  Sheldon is an accomplished guide that focuses on skiing, ice climbing, mountaineering, and alpine climbing in Wyoming, Colorado, Alaska, and Norway.

  • Friday – Ladies Just Wanna Ice Climb
  • Saturday – Women’s Steep Ice Climbing

Guy Robertson may not be a guide, but he is one of our guest presenters at Theater in the Wood!  Guy will be speaking Saturday night, giving us all the insider’s view of all things Scottish Climbing.  Doors will open at 6:30PM and tickets are $10 at the door! 2017-01-12_0006

Unfortunately, Peter Doucette isn’t able to guide this year due to a knee injury that has knocked him out for the season.  We were all bummed to hear that he was being sidelined for the time being, and we all wish him the best in his recovery.  Hopefully we will still see this awesome guy and humble crusher around during the events!2017-01-12_0007

Thanks again, Outdoor Research, for sending all of these brilliant athletes our way!