Clinic spots are flying off the shelf right now, so we wanted to highlight CAMP‘s Light and Fast Alpinism Clinic, on Saturday of Ice Fest, while there were still a couple spots to scoop up!

This clinic is such a cool opportunity to get to learn from guest guide and Friday night keynote speaker Scott Bennett!  He’ll be putting on his show,“Into the Karakoram”, about a recent trip to Pakistan with Graham Zimmerman and Steve Swenson, where they made the first ascent of Changi Tower (6500m) and established a new route on K6 West (7000m).

The NEXT DAY you could be learning the skills that helped him achieve this, and other wicked impressive sends.  Wicked cool.

Light and Fast Alpinism Course Description:

Whether you are an experienced alpinist or beginning mountaineer, the benefits of the light & fast approach are indisputable. Being lighter means using less energy with every step we take and every move we make. It is also just downright more comfortable when we are in motion. Being fast equates directly to safety. It means we are navigating hazardous terrain more quickly and tagging the summit in time to descend safely. It is also the way we progress towards bigger objectives over time. This clinic covers the most important aspects of the light & fast approach with a short classroom session followed by an intensive field session where we work on the implementation of the skills, strategies and tactics that are most useful for you. The professional athletes teaching these clinics have made light & fast a part of their very being. As we strongly believe that a commitment to the light & fast mentality is a commitment to an even more awesome life, we strongly believe that folks who take this clinic will get a lot out of it!

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