Here’s a brief intro to a few more staples of the North Conway scene, the fantastic crew of guides at International Mountain Climbing School.  This gang has an enormous amount of experience, both in our local hills and well beyond, and each one is a pleasure to spend a day climbing with!

Craig Taylor has been working as a guide in the Mount Washington Valley for 23 years.  In that time he has become well-versed in all forms of guiding and has served as an advocate for the profession.  The dude is psyched on guiding and is a proud father.  An excellent and knowledgeable instructor, be sure to pick his brain in one of his techy clinics!

  • Friday – Ice Rescue Clinic
  • Saturday – Snow & Ice Anchors2017-01-25_0001

Conrad Yager.  Calm, cool, crusher.  Conrad’s climbing career began in the Marine Corp as a climbing instructor.  Since that time, he has been guiding in New Hampshire and chasing personal climbing pursuits in Nepal, Alaska, Ecuador, Spain, Malta, Thailand, and Canada.  He can be spotted on the cover of “An Ice Climber’s Guide to Northern New England” wearing a onesie and sending hard.

  • Friday – Alpine Style Climb
  • Saturday – Ice Climbing for Rock Climbers
  • Sunday – Camp’s Intro to Steep Waterfall Ice Climbing

Joan Veilleux has dedicated her professional life to helping others.  Whether it is those struggling with their health or those who wish to push their limits by going climbing, Joan is an excellent advocate and mentor.  She has guided all over New England and is known for her patient teaching and calm demeanor.  Perfect skills for working with beginners and those attempting an objective such as Mt. Washington!

  • Saturday – Ice Climbing 101
  • Sunday – Mt. Washington Ascent2017-01-25_0002

Max Lurie loves guiding in New England because of the wide variety of terrain and conditions, but increasingly, his desire for bigger terrain has taken him West to guide in places like Mt. Rainier.  He is a fantastic winter climber and an accomplished alpinist.

  • Friday – Alpine Style Climb
  • Saturday & Sunday – Glacier Travel & Crevasse Rescue2017-01-25_0004

Paul Cormier.  This guy has been everywhere and climbed everything, and often he did so well before anyone else.  From backcountry rock routes in New England to remote peaks in the Southern Andes, Paul has a remarkable climbing resume.  He has guided extensively on large, glaciated mountains in Bolivia and Argentina, making him the perfect choice for our glacier travel and crevasse rescue clinic.

  • Saturday & Sunday – Glacier Travel & Crevasse Rescue2017-01-25_0005