Happy New Year indeed!  We have more sweet news that Patagonia is sending two more of their stellar athletes to guide and be apart of the 2018 Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest!  We want to send a big welcome to Josh Wharton and Anne Gilbert Chase.  Both of them have been to the MWV Ice Fest and Josh even has New Hampshire roots as he grew up here!  Anne, aka “Gilbert” loves catching up with fellow Patagonia buddy athlete Majka Burhardt when she come out for the event.  Read a little more about why these two dig coming back to lil’ ol’ New Hampshire for our action packed event, as we asked them a few questions!


What’s your favorite NH ice climb and why?

  • Well the Black Dike of course! It’s got great history, a bit of alpine flavor, and I’ve had a lot of laughs through the years talking ‘Dike stories. 

What do you like about NH ice?  

  • That there’s a lot of variety in the climbing, and that it largely takes place over good rock. This means you can often find good rock protection, and do some truly interesting mixed climbing. 

What do you dig about the MWV Ice Fest?

  • It’s a nice grass roots festival that doesn’t have a commercial feel. I enjoy seeing friends, and acquaintances I rarely see from my younger days in New England. Even though I’ve lived in Colorado for the majority of my life spending time in NH feels a little like coming home.



What’s your favorite NH ice climb and why?

  • I would say my favorite NH ice climbs are both Repentance and Remission, mainly because Majka and I climbed them in one day on my first trip to the ice festival. It was dumping snow and quite cold the whole day. It was super fun. I definitely got a good taste of what NH ice climbing/winter is like with that day.