Hey there gear junkies!  Are you still looking to refine your ice climbing kit or what your layering system is?  We thought we would ask the Outdoor Research athletes that are coming to guide, what pieces are their “must haves” this winter.  You know, the piece you can’t leave home without and is probably really stinky from you wearing it all too much!  Surprisingly enough FOUR, yes four out of the 6 OR athletes wrote us back and told us the Ascendant Hoody was one of their favorites.  The Deviator Hoody, Uberlayer Jacket, Radiant Tights & AlpineIce Pants and Jacket all go strong votes as well!  Check out what each athlete said is their go to piece(s) this winter!

Emilie Drinkwater:  Women’s Ascendant Hoody, “My favorite piece right now is definitely the Ascendant Hoody.  It’s so soft and comfortable and can be worn as a layer or on it’s own because it’s durable and breathable.  I basically haven’t taken it off since October.  Get one!”

Bryan Gilmore:  AlpineIce Jacket & Pants, ” My favorite piece (or pieces) is the Alpenice Pants and Jacket this stuff rules for cold days ice climbing.  I used both the jacket and pants exclusively on my recent ice climbing trip to the Canadian Rockies and stayed so comfortable.”

Matt McCormick: Ascendant Hoody & Uberlayer Jacket“The Ascendant Hoody is a great active insulation piece which breathes well and also keeps you warm while belaying. The Uberlayer is a jacket that I wear every time I go climbing climbing and just hanging out.”

Alexa Siegel: Radiant Tights, “The Radiant tights are the perfect mid weight layer to keep your legs and the rest of you warm. Throw them on over a pair of long underwear, top it off with the cirque pant and you’re ready for the coldest of ice climbing days. I rarely leave home without these in my layering system!








Peter Doucette: Ascendant Hoody, “I’ve been practically living in my Ascendent jacket this fall and winter. It’s comfort through the range of temperatures is remarkable. I wear it as my outer layer when I’m moving at a moderate pace and I’m happy to have it as insulation under a hard or soft shell on cold climbing days.  A great piece for ice climbing or ski touring as it pushes any moister through to the outside and I’m pretty sure it would pack small if I ever did take it off.
Bayard Russell: Ascendant Hoody & Deviator Hoody“Whether I’m headed out to guide or out for a personal day of climbing, the Ascendant & Deviator Hoody’s are two pieces I always grab.  Especially during this most recent cold snap, these two were key in keeping me warm and smiling in addition to moving fast.”